Assura, Inc. Announces SecurityRx™ Managed Cybersecurity Services for Clinical and Non-Clinical Healthcare Environments at Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange

Ashland, Virginia – September 29, 2016 – Today, Assura, Inc. at the Vizient Innovative Technology Exchange announced its SecurityRx™ managed cybersecurity service. SecurityRx™ is an innovative suite of managed services geared toward Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) and Business Associates (BAs) to ensure security and compliance in both clinical and non-clinical operational environments. SecurityRx™ marries cybersecurity program management with a comprehensive suite of managed services for security monitoring, operations, and sustainment.

“Our experience developing practical and compliant cybersecurity programs for HDOs and BAs, coupled with the maturity of our subscription-based Virtual ISO™ service puts Assura in an outstanding position to deliver solutions that balance security, privacy, patient safety, and economics”, said Assura’s CEO Karen Cole.

“Cybersecurity is complex and our clients have come to rely on Assura to be the ‘easy button’ when it comes to solving those challenges”, she added.

She noted that the healthcare environment is particularly complex with the proliferation of network-connected medical devices and the security challenges they bring. With several high profile vulnerability disclosures by security researchers, organizations can no longer safely implement connected medical device systems in their environment without a risk-based approach to the security controls.

“Particularly in acute care settings, confidentiality while certainly important, takes a back seat to integrity and availability”, said Cole. “It’s a shift in thinking from traditional cybersecurity and requires the innovative approaches and solutions that Assura is known for”, she added.

SecurityRx™ comes in four packages — bronze, silver, gold, and platinum — that can be customized to meet the clients needs.

As with all its services, SecurityRx™ is backed by Assura’s exclusive AuditArmor™ Guarantee, which promises full regulatory compliance or it’s fixed at no cost to the client.

Assura is a preeminent cybersecurity services firm based in Central Virginia with clients government, healthcare, financial services, transportation, and other industries. Assura’s Virtual ISO™ service is ideal for leaders of small to mid-sized organizations that have a business to run and goals to achieve. Larger organizations with their own cybersecurity staff benefit from Assura’s expertise by enhancing the security and compliance posture of their organizations. Perhaps best of all, Assura’s clients rest easy with its exclusive AuditArmor™ Guarantee, which promises full regulatory compliance in everything it does, or the company fixes it for FREE.


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