Quality Assurance

We maintain quality in four primary ways:

  1. Ongoing spot-checks of work quality for in-progress deliverables by project leaders and company management.
  2. Formal QA of all deliverables.
  3. Internal after action reviews of all projects to identify areas of opportunity for quality improvement and incorporation of lessons learned into future projects.
  4. Customer satisfaction surveys.

The key to being able to deliver timely response and ensure ongoing cooperation with our customers/clients is honest and open communication. All clients are encouraged to raise issues with the firm’s executives. Our executives also conduct frequent outreach to clients to conduct pulse checks and ensure that the client is receiving maximum value and an outstanding experience.

Honest and open communication is key to ensuring that our clients receive an outstanding experience. If a situation arises where a client is less than satisfied, we work with them to develop a corrective action plan and execute to that plan.

In addition, we back all of our deliverables with our AuditArmor™ Guarantee. There is no time limit on this guarantee either: our clients’ needs don’t expire at the end of the period of performance.